Why Choose us


Elite Services is a locally owned business that, unlike most cleaning services, is equipped with commercial grade disinfectant equipment that can eliminate and stop the spread of viruses, harmful bacteria, and diseases. For many years, the “Elite” brand has earned a name for quality work and great customer service in the St. Louis and Metro East area. We always strive to go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are pleased with our services from start to finish.

What is Office or Business Sanitizing?

Sanitizing for a business or office space is very different than your traditional cleaning. Our disinfecting services are available to completely disinfect pathogens hanging around your business or office. Sanitizing and disinfecting kills mold, bacteria, fungi, and viruses – especially those associated with COVID-19.

You may or may not know this, but any surface is a springboard for nasty germs that can cause illness to the healthiest of individuals. This has been seen with the current pandemic coronavirus.  Conventional cleaning services and even individual cleaning do not kill germs, they actually push germs from one area to another.

Sanitizing gets rid of harmful pathogens that may lead to illness. With professional sanitizing services, our EPA-Registered disinfecting cleaners will make sure the germs are eliminated.  Let us turn your office into a germ-free environment, which will save you and your employees from sick days and health care bills.

Why Do I Need Sanitizing Services for My Business?

It’s true that in order to maintain a sanitized environment, free of viruses and germs, that you must disinfect high-touch areas. Unfortunately, doing it yourself isn’t as effective as having an entire office or business place disinfected from head to toe. Why? Well, there are sneaky ways for germs and bacteria to get to you or your employees that simply wiping high-traffic areas up every now and then proves to be ineffective.

With Elite Services, you will have peace of mind from knowing that we are professionally sanitizing every nook and cranny of your business from top to bottom. With regular sanitizing, you get the pay-off of knowing that your employees and customers are potentially risk-free from contacting a virus or bacteria from your office or place of business.  With weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning options – we will ensure that you and your employees are safe.

How Does Business Sanitizing Work?

When you choose us to sanitize your place of business, you get peace of mind knowing that we use the latest EPA-Registered disinfectants to fight the COVID-19 virus. We will go into your office or place of business and fog the areas so that every surface gets disinfected. Also, we use sprayers to disinfect high-touch areas.

Need outside applications disinfected as well? No problem. We have large foggers so we can sanitize playgrounds, parks, stadiums, and more. You name it, we can safely sanitize it.

With all the worry going around from the latest pandemic and problems associated with the spreading of diseases, it’s important to keep you and your employees safe. It’s better to sanitize for safety rather than worry about areas of your office being prone to spreading potentially hazardous illnesses. With Elite Services, we promise safe sanitizing practices that pay off for everyone’s wellbeing.